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Very popular dish from Dinajpur district of Bangladesh. Marinated Chicken or lamb tikka garnished with almonds, yought, mango chutney to give a mild tangy taste.
£ 6.95
Tikka Mossala
Chicken/Lamb tikka cooked in our clay oven first then a delicate creamy curry is made for desirable taste.
£ 7.25
Butter Chicken
Recommended to those who are keen on mild food. Marinated chicken tikka cooked with ground almond and butter.
£ 6.95
Chicken or lamb cooked with fresh green chilli,yought, corriander and hint of pickle to create a rich hot and spicy dish.
£ 6.95
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Shorisha
Pieces of chicken or lamb cooked with red onions, mustard, fresh tomatoes, coriander to medium strength but rich in mustard.
£ 6.95
Nowakali Naga
This is a favorite dish from Nowakali District of Bangladesh, where meal is not complete without NAGA(hottest chilli). This dish cooked with Naga chilli pickle, a favorite for hot eater.
£ 7.25
Korai Special
Chicken or Lamb cooked with fresh ginger, green pepper, tomatos, onions. medium spiced.
£ 6.95
Cheese-Na-Pallak Special
Chicken or lamb cooked with cheese, garnished with fresh spinach, coriander, tomatoes and onions. Recommended for those who keen on cheese.
£ 7.25
Chicken/Lamb Passanda
clay oven cooked Lamb or chicken, simmered in mild creamy sauce, made with nuts, almonds, cream and home made yoghurt.
£ 6.95
Jaipuri Tawa
Garlic flavored chicken cooked with mushrooms, peppes, curry leaves, red onions and a touch of tomato ketchup, served on a Tawa.( Hot or Mild on request)
£ 6.95
Widely renowned dish of distinction made from our tandoori selection and then cook with fresh garlic tomato onion and capsicum with hint of chillies.
£ 6.95
Bengal Garlic Chilli
Tender pieces of chicken tikka or lamb tikka cooked with fresh chillies and fresh coriander with lots of diced fried garlic its hot and tasty. highly recommended for people who love garlic anf chillies.
£ 6.95
Tandoori Murgi Mossala
A Bangladeshi wedding feast dish comprised of tandoori chicken off the bone and mince lamb cooked with the chef special mild and creamy sauce.
£ 7.25
Roshuni Tikka Mossala
Chicken marinated with garlic, chillies, nuts and fresh cream(No Spices), than added to a chefs creative sauce made from coconut, almonds, fresh cream and red chilli powder.(Slightly Hot)
£ 7.50
Tandoori Special Mix Bhuna
Combination of Chicken tikka , lamb tikka and mince meat,cooked with fresh ginger, garlic, tomatoes, onions, coriander and a mixture of ground spices.
£ 7.95
Mr Jall-Re-Baba
Are you brave to try our hottest dish in Bangla Pride. CAUTION! very, very hot.
£ 7.95
Avobe all dishes also can cooked with Prawn for an extra £1.50 or King Prwan for an extra £2.50
£ 0.00


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