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Shanazi Kana
Combination of chicken, lamb and tandoori chicken garnish with mince meat, fresh garlic, tomato, spring onions, finely chop spinach and trace of olive oil.(Highly Recommended)
£ 9.50
Royal Bahar
A traditional village method of cooking applied with strips of bite sized chicken in a traditional spice with aubergine fairly hot and spicy.
£ 7.95
Fillets of chicken/lamb cooked in a spice hot sauce with red onions, green pepper, tamarind, fresh garlic and coriander with green chilles.
£ 7.95
Tendar pieces of chicken or lamb cooked with ginger, garlic, onions. paprika, red lentils and fresh lemon juice to create a tasteful sweet and sour dish.
£ 7.95
Bangla Kodu
Bite size chicken or lamb fillet cooked with sweet pumpkin in chefs special medium /mild sauce.
£ 7.95
Chicken or lamb tikka in mild creamy sauce, laced with almond, coconut and mango pulps and slices.
£ 7.95
Special Delight
A mouth watering dish cooked with char grill chicken, lamb and king prawn surprise.
£ 9.95
Donia Rashon
A very highly recommended dish for those garlic and coriander lovers, chicken cooked with extra coriander and garlic, in a dry and medium sauce.
£ 8.50
Nawabi Pride
Breast chicken grilled in a bamboo skewer with peppers, tomato and onions, that have been marinated with ginger, garlic, lemon juice and fresh ground spices. served in sizzler with chefs special unique sauce and fresh crispy salad.(Very Popular Choice)
£ 8.95


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