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Salmon Ka Salon(Bhuna)
Dice pieces of Scottish salmon delicatley blended and cooked with finely chopped onions, tomato,carom seed and touch of coconut milk. Meduim hot.
£ 8.75
Mass Byran Kaybari
Fillet salmon fish pan fried with onions and pepper, served in a bhuna sauce.
£ 8.95
Salmom Tandoori Mossala
Salmon marinated with herbs and spice cooked with ground almond, coconut and creamy sauce to give a desirable taste.
£ 8.95
Scallops Rangela
Scallops cooked with fresh spinach, onions, papper and garnished with cheese.
£ 11.95
Lime Ginger Tilapia
Bangladeshi fish Tilapia cooked in a home style delicious sauce, with extra ginger, wild lime, spices, herbs, touch of green chilli,coriander and garlic.
£ 8.75
Bangla Mass Steak
Bangladeshi fish marinated in tandoori spice, then grilled in caly oven. Served with tandoori potatoes, mushroom and fresh seasonal salad.
£ 8.75
Sea Bass Fantasy
Aubergine and potato cooked in medium/slightly hot sauce with pan fried fillet of sea bass on top.
£ 8.75
King Prwan Delight
Ocean fresh king size prawn, tandoori roosted with medium hot strength sauce.
£ 10.95
Tandoori King Prawn Mossala
Marinated king prwan cooked in a special aromatic smooth creamy mossala sauce.
£ 9.95
Pangash Jhul
Boneless white fish cooked with Shatkora (citrus) fruit, herbs and spices. A traditional village method Bangladeshi dish.
£ 8.75
Kulna Chingrii Special
Bay of Bengal tiger prawns with roasted baby coconut. A popular favorite dish in Kulna where no meal is complete without fish.Though fairly hot, this has been toned down with coconut milk.
£ 10.95
Bangla Sea Food Special
A tantalising mixture of seafood cooked with a sensational hot, tangy sauce.
£ 11.95


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