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All the dishes of this section are barbecued in a traditional tandoori clay oven and serve with crisp seasonal salad and mint sauce
Chicken Tikka
£ 6.95
Lamb Tikka
£ 7.25
Tandoori Chicken(half)
£ 7.25
Roshuni Tikka
Bonless chicken marinated with garlic sauce without spice.
£ 7.50
Shaslick (chicken or lamb)
£ 7.95
Tandoori Fish(Salmon)
£ 8.50
Tandoori mix Grill(with Nan)
£ 9.50
Tandoori King Prawn
£ 9.75
Scollops Sizzler
Marinated in tandoori spice, grilled with chunks of onions, peppers and tomatoes, served in sizzling.
£ 11.50


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