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Seafood Milli Juli (for 2 persons)
A Mixture of tandoori fish, tandoori king prawns, scollops and mussels.
£ 11.95
Scallop Sizzler
Marinated scallops fried with diced pieces of onion and peppers with special herbes and spices.
£ 5.95
Mussel cocked with onion, garlic, fresh coriander and touch with of lime.
£ 3.75
Tandoori Tiger Prawns
Giant tiger prwans marinated with tandoori spice and fresh herbs.
£ 4.95
Coconut Coriander Salmon Fish
Fillet of salmon fish cooked in olive oil, garnished with coconut. pepper and fresh coriander
£ 4.75
King Prwan Butter Fly
Slightly spice king prawn covered in golden bread crumbs and deep fried.
£ 3.95
King Prwan Purri
King Prawn cooked with garlic, onions, herb and spices in very condensed sauce, wrapped in a soft flat thin purri.
£ 4.50
Prwan Cocktail
Prwan on bed of salad topped with tomato, cucumber and cocktail sauce.
£ 3.50
Mass Biran
Bangladeshi fish stir fried in a mustared sauce with garlic, onion and pepper.
£ 3.95
Salmon Tandoori
Pan fried salmon steak coated in a sprinkle tandoori sauce.
£ 4.35
Fish Pakora
Bangladeshi boneless fish, coated in a spice batter and fried to perfection.
£ 3.95
Fish Chatt
fish mashed in fried onions, mustard and herbs.
£ 3.95


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