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Lamb Shank Masamon
(Dinning in only) Piece of lamb shank cooked in a delicate spices with ginger, black pepper, lemon grass, and flavoured with Bangladeshi bitter lime.
£ 11.95
Donia Roshon
A very highly recommended dish for those garlic and coriander lovers, chicken cooked with extra coriander and garlic, in a dry and medium sauce.
£ 8.95
Nawabii Pride
Breast chicken grilled in a bamboo skewer with peppers, tomatoes and onions, that have been marinated with ginger, garlic, lemon juice and fresh ground spices. Served in a sizzler with chefs special bhuna sauce and fresh crispy salad. (Very Popular Choice)
£ 8.95
Josh Special
(Dining in only) Our chef unique dish of smooth and none spicy fresh chicken breast showered in buttery onion sauce with egg, a touch of honey flavoured by Cardamom, cinnamon and bayleaf. It is a dish with no added sugar or spice but chef magic.
£ 10.95
Bangla Kodu
Tender pieces of lamb, cooked with sweet butternut squash, cardamom, cinnamon and mint flavoured sauce. A very popular dish in Bangladesh.
£ 8.50
Special Delight
A mouth watering dish cooked with char grill chicken, lamb and king prawns surprise.
£ 9.95
Royal Bahar
A tradition village method of cooking applied with strips of bite sized chicken in a traditional spice with aubergine. Fairly hot and spice.
£ 8.50
Shahi Chops (NEW)
Exquisitley prepared succulant lamb chops with shatkora (Citrus Fruit) in a thick sauce. Hot on Request.
£ 9.95
Pach Tara (NEW)
Tender pieces of chicken or lamb, cooked with 5 different lentils in garlic, ginger, onion, paprika, mango chutney and fresh lemon juice, to create a spicy sweet and sour dish.
£ 8.95
Shanazi Kana
Combination of chicken lamb and tandoori chicken garnish with mince meat, fresh garlic, tomato, spring onion, finely chop spinach, lemon zest and trace of olive oil. (Highly Recommended)
£ 9.95


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