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Basmati rice cooked with sultanas and green herbs in a special blend of spice with touch of rose water and lemon juice. Biryani dishes are meals in themselves, served with choice of sauce. (Mild or Hot on request)
Vegetable/Mushroom Biryani
£ 6.95
Chicken/Meat/Prawn Biryani
£ 7.50
Chicken Tikka/Lamb Tikka Biryani
£ 7.95
King Prawn Biryani
£ 10.95
House Special Biryani
Mixture of Chicken, Meat, prwan and King prwan.
£ 9.50
Bangla Pride Special Biryani
Mixture of chicken tikka, lamb tikka, tandoori chicken and kebab.
£ 9.95
Make it Persian or Malayan Biryani
Persian: Banana with omelette - £1.00 Extra
Malayan: Pineapple omelette - £1.00 Extra
£ 0.00


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